Diverting waste does not need to be overwhelming. Taking small steps adds up to a big difference. Here are 5 ways you can start diverting waste from the landfill today.

  1. Get a wood bin. Dimensional lumber, solid wood doors / trim and pallets can be collected in the wood bin. No de-nailing required, as long as the material is less than 10% metal content you are good to go. While you’re at it, toss the hinges and the door knobs in the metal bin.
  2. Get a metal bin. A one yard container placed inside your warehouse would likely be big enough to start setting aside your metal.  You can begin to put in items like door knobs, hinges, steel studs, etc.
  3. Recycle your cardboard. Yes, cardboard counts. Collect this in a bin, a stack or in the back of a vehicle and send it to the recycler.
  4. Use our resources. Don’t know where to take these or other waste streams? Check out our resource library in Trax today. Make sure you are logged in before you click the link, or simply click on get help, on the left hand side of the navigation panel.
  5. Book your 1:1 FREE consultation. You can book a one on one meeting with Dale, to help your firm get started and learn how to navigate the Trax software,

Pick one or two suggestions and get started today. Don’t forget to log your claims in Trax so your efforts to reduce and avoid GhGs are verified.

Thank you for being a part of the movement toward net zero.