As leaders in sustainability solutions for the insurance industry, EcoClaim offers a robust certification program designed to set you on the path to meaningful, measurable change.

Make An Impact Today

Join the EcoClaim Certification Program to take a leading role in transforming the insurance industry’s approach to sustainability.  

How It Works


Firm Enrollment:

Firms pay an initial enrollment fee and train 15% of the staff at each branch to be certified. On certification, firms receive access to EcoClaim’s Trax software to enter GHG data.


For firms who have already achieved a recognized sustainability certification such as BMO Rad!cle Climate Smart, please contact our office on information on how to achieve certification via audit.


Individual Enrollment:

Our comprehensive training modules equip learners with the knowledge, skills, and best practices necessary for making significant strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Upon completion of the initial training, an individual becomes EcoClaim Certified.


Individual Renewal:

To maintain an individual certification, an annual renewal fee is required. Individuals will receive a digital certificate demonstrating their continued commitment to sustainability measures.

For continued eligibility, individuals must earn additional CE credits every two years. This can be achieved by completion of additional EcoClaim courses or other recognized sustainability courses. Participation in recognized sustainability and events and conferences will also be considered for CE credits.

Firm Renewal:

Every year, firms must renew their membership by paying the annual membership fee and completing the digital information form.

Firms must also maintain the prescribed annual number of certified individuals on staff within each branch.  The number of certified individuals required to maintain certification may increase over time.   

Additionally, firms may be required to implement further sustainability measures and complete additional components of training.  Audit measures such as facility inspections may be required to maintain firm certification.


  • A certified status recognized across the insurance industry.
  • The opportunity to showcase your firm’s sustainability performance to industry stakeholders.
  • In-depth training focused on practical skills, from waste management to carbon accounting.
  • A community of like-minded professionals dedicated to making a lasting impact on global sustainability.