Pioneering Sustainability
in the Insurance Sector:

Our Vision

We envision a world where everyone connected to the insurance sector not only achieves, tracks, and monetizes their net-zero goals, but also become catalysts for meaningful, lasting change towards global sustainability.

EcoClaim serves as a catalyst for change within the insurance industry, equipping companies with tools to meticulously manage, track, and reduce their Scope 3 carbon emissions. Our solutions pave the way for insurers to reach net-zero targets in their supply chains, transforming how the industry approaches environmental responsibility.

we provide:

Sustainable Partnerships for Long-Term Impact

We forge multi-year partnerships crafted to guide all stakeholders, from insurers to contractors, on a transformative journey towards sustainability.

Financial-Grade Carbon Accounting and Advanced Analytics

Harness the power of financial-grade carbon accounting and cutting-edge data analytics with EcoClaim. We help insurers not only meet but exceed emerging regulatory requirements, with an eye on generating monetizable carbon credits in the future. EcoClaim follows the GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard required by the Government of Canada for FRFI (Federally Regulated Financial Institution) reporting.

A Future-Ready Carbon Exchange

EcoClaim is shaping the future by envisioning a specialized carbon exchange that serves as a hub for credit trading for the insurance industry.