It’s easier than ever to find recyclers for different waste / material streams in your area with our new certified recyclers directory.

Finding vendors to recycle all waste / material streams can be a time consuming task, so we’re making it easy with our certified recyclers directory. Populated by EcoClaim members and the EcoClaim team, this list encompasses some of the best recyclers across Canada.

What is it and how can I use it?

  • Interactive map and list showing certified recyclers across Canada.
  • Easily filter the list to find the recycling vendor needed by waste / material stream, region and keyword.
  • Easily sort the list by city, company name and province.
  • View recyclers contact information, the waste / material streams they recycle and link to their website.
  • Give a nod to recycling vendors you use by submitting them for certification.
  • Ask us for help in finding a vendor you need in your area!

If you need assistance navigating this directory or with any other EcoClaim or related software, please don’t hesitate to book your complimentary 1:1 session with Coach Dale!